Regardless how long you have been married, over time the flame that brought you two together could start to fade. Unintentionally, busy lifestyles can keep you both so overwhelmed that you don’t even realize that you two are drifting apart. Don’t let a busy schedule keep you from letting your wife know how much you love her. According to an article on how to romance your wife you should first learn (or relearn) her love language. Once you equate yourself with her love language be sure to use it on her daily. Another good way to romance your wife is to ask her out on a date. Just because you two are married does not mean you still can not date her. In another article, it discusses what your wife really wants. She wants to know that she is loved and appreciated. Coming up with ideas though are not as easy as it should be. How can you show your wife you still love her? Here is a short idea list to get you starting on dating your wife again: learn a new hobby together, attend someone else’s wedding together reminding her of yours together, write her a love note, relive your honeymoon by getting away once a year, and clear your schedule once in a while to spend the entire day with her.


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