If you are planning a conference or seminar, there are many important details to be taken care of. This includes the venue, schedule, food and drinks, transportation, equipment, accommodation, entertainment, and more. But your conference or seminar will only be completely successful if you take proper care of your participants and guests. After all, your guests’ experience at the event will count for a lot and will decide whether your event is really a success or not. With that in mind, here are some top tips on taking care of your conference guests and participants.


Aside from sending out personal invitations, you should make it a point to remind guests and participants of pertinent details at least a week or two before the event. Send out ‘information kits’ or packs which contain their options for transportation to get to and from the venue, a map of the venue or area, and other details which they would appreciate.


The buddy system

Whilst your team should already be aware of the importance of being alert and assisting guests and participants as much as they can, it would also be a good idea to establish a ‘buddy system’ for important guests. You can assign some members of your staff to be responsible for a few key participants and speakers and to personally assist them if they have any questions or concerns.

The necessities

When planning your conference, every little detail counts. This includes small necessities that contribute to your guests’ and participants’ overall comfort. Assign someone to be responsible for such necessities as water, tissues, extra paper and pens, and so on. Have them make sure that these items are constantly replenished and provided to all the guests.

Your staff’s behaviour

Whilst it’s already a given to make sure your staff is appropriately dressed as befitting the image of your company, you should also make it a point to remind your staff about proper behaviour. During presentations, staff should sit silently and attentively, no matter how many times they’ve seen the presentation before. Your staff should also be on hand when it comes to break times, assisting the guests and participants whenever they can and being available to answer queries.

The venue and accommodation

It goes without saying that the venue should be as comfortable as possible – the air conditioning or heating should be set at the right temperature, and seats should be comfortable. Along with this, the participants’ accommodation should be comfortable as well – make it a point to choose the best type of accommodation for your guests, such as that provided by a conference venue Midlands offers like Heythrop Park. When your guests and participants have everything they need when it comes to the venue and accommodation, they will have no cause for complaint.

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